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Game Info

Running Fred Game

Running Fred is a game where you play as Fred and run down different corridors. You do your best to avoid obstacles and collecting coins as you out run a grim reaper. This stands out as a fun and simple game where you can continue playing it. To add to it, you don't have to download the game to try it out!

How to Play

You can move left and right using the arrow keys and you can jump with the space bar or up key. You move Fred around so that you can collect different coins and save them up to buy different levels, outfits and items to help you succeed. If you run into too many obstacles, then you get a game over.

Game Modes

You have the standard Adventure mode for Running Fred. In this mode, you can play multiple levels and try to beat them as fast as possible. You can also collect coins during them and double your coins by watching an ad after the level. This way, you have Adventure mode to get better at the game and try to complete all the levels. You also have the Endless mode. This allows you to keep running with Fred until you get a game over. This makes it a great way to collect coins and show off your skills in the Running Fred game. Give it a try once you build up your confidence in Adventure mode so that you can earn some coins and spend them in the store.

Tips and Tricks

Focus on moving left, right and jumping since you don't control Fred's speed. Run on speed pads to move faster and get a better time. When coins go over an obstacle, time your jump to go with the coins so that you don't run into the barrier. It's better to keep your run going, so don't go for the coins if you think you'll end up losing.


The Running Fred game allows you to enjoy an endless runner for free and you can even download it onto your phone. Give the game a try and spend some time having fun as you guide Fred down hallways and other areas. Help Fred run and allow yourself to enjoy a simple game that adds challenge as you continue to play.